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Cellu One


Cellu One



LTI have 3 complexes which address the different stages involved in treating cellulite.

For the cellulite regime, one needs to apply the oils in a circular motion on the affected area every morning and evening systematically (one complex at a time) for a 12 week cycle.

This product focuses on the first phase of cellulite treatment which improves the metabolism & regulates thyroid activity (Use weeks 1 & 2, return weeks 7 & 8)

Once the 12 week program is complete you may find that 1 of the 3 cellulite complexes stood out as being more ‘ACTIVE’ for you. If this occurs, use that particular complex for ONE whole month to self – regulate that specific stage then return to the 12 week cycle again, alternatively repeat the 12 week cycle. To speed up the process, drink water and do stretching exercises regularly

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